Back to school!

September 4, 2019 | by

It’s that time of year! Kids crossing street, riding bikes, and exiting school busses. They all face the risk of getting hit by a vehicle(s).

According to NHTSA from 2008 to 2017, there were 264 school-age children killed in school-transportation-related crashes. The majority of those students were not on the bus; 203 were either walking, waiting for the bus, biking, or in another vehicle.

Here are some tips to help keep our kids safe:


  • Must stop 20 feet from any school bust that has stopped and is flashing red warning lights.
  • All lanes of traffic must stop except in opposing lanes if they highway is divided with a center median.
  • The stop arm on the bus is an added communication to other drivers, but the lack of an extended stop arm is not reason to pass a bus whose red lights are flashing.
  • Be careful extra careful by parks and school zones.

Talk to your children about there mode of transportation to school


  • Walk on sidewalks if on is available; when no sidewalk, walk facing traffic.
  • Stay alert avoid using electronic devices.
  • Ensure parents and kids know the walking route.
  • Stand 6 feet away from curb.

Bike Riders

  • Wear a bike helmet.
  • Ride on the right side of road or bike path.
  • Come to a complete stop before crossing the street.
  • Stay alert.

Bus riders

  • Teach your children to stand 6 feet (or three giant steps) away from the curb.
  • If your child must cross the street in front of the bus, teach him/her to walk on the side of the road until they are 10 feet ahead of the bus; your child and the bus driver should always be able to see each other.
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