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Who am I

My name is Cody Marooney, I have been with AVID since August of 2017. In the spring of 2017, I graduated from Alabama- Huntsville with a degree in Business Marketing, where I also played Division 1 Men’s Hockey. Working under the pressure of completing a degree as a division 1 athlete has taught me the value of team work, motivation, time management, and a stellar work ethic. I have been successful in conquering many challenges throughout my college experience into my work career. I work within the business lines division here at AVID with focus in fast food/restaurant chains. I also have experience working with funeral homes and retail stores among other various small businesses.

Customer Service and its importance

One of the most important things I have learned as a new insurance agent is to stay in consistent touch with my clients. It’s always good to reach out as often as you can, it’s just good customer service. This could be monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual to see how they are doing, just depends on the client. There can be a lot of moving parts when running a company, vulnerabilities can be opened and not realized due to a simple change. By touching base with clients and asking some basic questions you can make sure coverage limits are correct. This will make your client happy that you always have their back!

Most clients switch insurance agents simply because they are not personally reaching out to their client. I have been in so many meetings that clients share past experiences of failed relationships with their insurance agent due to lack of understanding their changing needs and making those needs a priority. You cannot possibly know their ever-changing needs unless you are talking to them. Attention to detail, customer service, and customer trust are what I consider the big small things. They are all a part of the big picture.

Why consistent contact

Your client should know who you are, have your contact information, and feel comfortable enough to call you. When checking in or scheduling renewal meetings you are ensuring that everything is good. No one ever wants to end up in a situation of reporting a claim to hear there was no coverage in place or simply not enough coverage. In the end you have a very upset client and not only a loss of trust, but also a client. Make sure someone is working for you on the backend to ensure you are covered. That is why at AVID we make you a priority. We want the insurance aspect of your business the easy part!

The extras

I have found that this simple customer service has allowed me to connect with my clients on a personal level as well. Connecting with your clients in a genuine setting allows you to grow your client relationships. What I find most enjoyable about my job is getting to know my clients as well as what their passions in life are. I’ve been fortunate enough to call a majority of my clients friends now! At AVID one of our main focuses, among many, is customer care. If I can help you, please feel free to call me at 608.827.4525 or email me at cody.marooney@avidrisk.com

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