4th Quarter: What’s all this hype?

November 12, 2019 | by

When the Affordable Care Act bill passed and began implementation back in 2013, health insurance carriers were uncertain of the affects the bill would have on the plan options and rates. They gave groups an option to renew their benefits December 1st to keep their grandfathered status. With that, close to 90% of small and mid size groups moved their renewal from the current date to December 1st.

At the time this was good because we could lock our clients into the familiar Grandfathered plans giving us time to evaluate and understand the new Affordable Care Act options. The down fall was that our renewals went from being scattered throughout the year to now December 1st or January 1st. You can talk to anyone in employee benefits on the agent or carrier side, they will agree that this is the craziest time of year.

We are now faced with majority of our group business renewing during the 4th quarter. AVID is a ‘CAN DO’ agency and it is very important for us to keep up with the care of our clients during renewal time and making sure that all size groups are reviewed on time. As I tell my daughters all the time ‘if you have a problem you need to bring a solution’. With that, we have been able to find solutions to navigate through this busy time and make sure clients are getting the service and attention they need.


We prepare months in advance to get organized and ready for 4th quarter, this includes team meetings to review clients and renewal dates. We also have contact carriers to get more information on plan changes, expected rate adjustments, and timing of receiving the renewals. All of this while accommodating our clients busy schedules to present the renewal.

Staying Focused

We all know this time is coming so it is important for us to stay focused and organized. I feel looking ahead at upcoming renewal dates and scheduling ahead helps me to stay focused. My office water fountain, zen garden, and calming meditation music certainly help also!

Have Fun

It’s a busy stressful time and the best way to conquer stress is to have fun and smile as much as possible! 4th quarter will always be here and all you can do is make the most of it and take care of all of our clients!


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