Surety Bonds

AVID’s surety operation includes experienced, innovative solutions providing a reliable, solutions-oriented partner for our bond customers. Our companies are highly rated by AM Best, an organization recognized worldwide as the benchmark for assessing insures’ financial strength.

What is a Surety Bond?

While an insurance policy is a two party agreement between the insured (you) and the insurance company, a surety bond is an agreement that provides monetary compensation to a third party (obligee) if the bonded party (principal) fails to perform a specific obligation within a stated period.

AVID’s Surety Bond Products

Contract surety bonds

Contract bonds guarantee that a contractor will stick to the terms of a construction contract.

Commercial surety bonds

Commercial surety bonds protect ensure contractors follow governmental rules and regulations.

Fidelity bonds

Fidelity bonds protect against employee theft, whether from you or one of your customers.

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