GrAVIDtate: The longest journey starts with a single step.

May 14, 2019 | by

GrAVIDtate: The longest journey starts with a single step.

– Brock Ryan, President

Growing up on a horse farm in rural Iowa, there were many sayings and phrases floated around the barn. These sayings and phrases were usually orchestrated by my Father who to this day is still full of…let’s just say, “character.” I often reflect on those days and recall the regular chores that materialized when working with animals. Rain, snow, or sunshine, there was a commitment to our horses in getting them fed, watered, and situated before we went about our business. While my brother and I were out working, my Father would whistle tunes and shout out sayings such as, “many hands make light work” and “a trouble shared is a trouble halved.” We would roll our eyes, grumble, say some choice words, and hurry to get everything done so we could move on to more exciting activities. This went on for many years and the sayings were always the same.

The sayings and phrases my Father shared around the barn were put out to pasture for a while as I entered adulthood. College, career, family…life happened. While my wife Teresa and I work hard to teach our children about the importance of giving back to our communities, it wasn’t until recently did the sayings and phrases come back into my vocabulary.

I’m glad they did!

This month AVID is proud to introduce our grAVIDtate initiative. grAVIDtate (Help, Be Kind, Give Back) is a community outreach program where our associates assist people in the neighborhoods we reside and work in. The recipients of our assistance are generally charity or not for profit groups that depend on volunteer efforts and monetary contributions of companies such as ours. Its extremely rewarding as an employer to be able to give back, help others, and make a positive impact in our communities. The sayings my Father used to share around the barn are now being shared around our workplace as we believe that the power of a few, can influence and benefit many.  “many hands make light work” and “a trouble shared is a trouble halved” now have true meaning to me as I understand the importance and power of collectively working together to achieve a common goal.

The grAVIDtate campaign is the first step for our company on a humanitarian journey yet to be written. My personal aspirations are that it brings more smiles, allows a child not to go to bed hungry, warms the hearts of many, and inspires others to join us on this magnificent journey.

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