Spring has arrived!

March 20, 2019 | by

Spring has arrived, and planting season is just around the corner!

One commonly missed coverage on a farm policy is peak season. Not many agents are talking about it and I am not sure why, it is an extremely important topic. Peak season is a coverage outside of your standard blanket limits which accounts for increased inventory during “peak” times of the year or additional inventory not otherwise accounted for. There’s two times this typically comes into play, spring and fall. Also, when planning make sure your peak season coverage is aligning with your costs.

In the spring this coverage would apply to additional seed, fertilizer, or even chemicals. During fall harvest it would cover your Ag produce, especially if you store it at your farm. Additional produce can include; corn, soy beans, hay, corn sileage, or any kind of produce that you wouldn’t normally have on hand. Likewise, don’t forget the yield you’re expecting in the fall. By building this coverage into your farm insurance policy you have opportunity to increase coverage on unused planting materials as well as your finished yield at a lessor rate during those times.

Another important aspect to remember is that this policy could potentially cover live stock in some circumstances.

If you have questions relating to peak season feel free to reach me at 608-827-4525 or via email chad.flentje@avidrisk.com



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