Teen Driver Safety Week

October 19, 2021 | by

Taking the Wheel for Teen Driver Safety

As if being the parent of a teenager wasn’t difficult enough, at some point, they also get keys to 4,000 pound motorized vehicle known as freedom. While we cannot keep them locked in the house forever, there are some things we can do to ensure they stay safe on the road.

Our Risk Manager, Jake, has a few pointers you can share with your child to be sure they genuinely respect this newfound superpower that comes with a driving license. Jake states, “You don’t want them afraid of driving. Sure, we could play them endless hours of videos about teens that have died texting, speeding, or operating under the influence. However, we don’t want them afraid of everything as that will distract them. We want them vigilant and to respect the machine and the responsibility that comes with the license.”

Jake did recommend that you discuss the rules of the road with your teen driver and help them have a plan. He also says, “Make sure that you are leading by example and following the same rules you expect your young driver to be following.” Here is a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts to always keep in mind.

Drink Alcohol
Search the Internet
Update your Social Media Status
Take Pictures

Sing-Along to the radio
Talk to Your Passengers
Use Hands-Free to Make a Call

Please join me and the rest of the AVID Team and Drive Safe, Drive Smart, and the life you save…may be your own.

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