The Biggest Distraction in Your Car

April 13, 2018 | by

“The biggest distraction in your car might not be the smartphone in your hand…

…it could be the biochemical circuitry between your ears.”

According to The Washington Post, the brain’s habit of drifting off into daydreams is still the biggest cause of distracted driving crashes, according to an insurance company’s recent analysis of federal traffic safety data.

The analysis of daydreaming’s role in fatal crashes comes as researchers focus increasing attention on the impact of smartphones on distracted driving and traffic safety.


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Some researchers say the phone itself — all that entertainment and connectedness in a single tool in one’s fist — is to blame. Others wonder whether the ubiquitous cellphone and the Web have even shaped the way we think, making a whole generation intolerant of boredom and ever in search of distraction. Erie Insurance, citing its analysis of data compiled by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), says that 1 in every 10 fatal crashes involves some form of driver distraction, and of those, 61 percent involved a driver who was daydreaming. That compares to about only 14 percent who were using a mobile phone.


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