Family Travel Tips

March 6, 2015 | by

Springtime for many families means taking a much-needed vacation. Here are some ways to stay healthy while you are away from home:

• Enjoy yourself while eating out, but watch your waistline at the same time. How? Opt for broth-based soups rather than cream-based; whole-grain breads; roasted, baked, broiled or grilled meats and poultry; and diet soft drinks or water. Also ask for salad dressing on the side and

substitute a side of vegetables for French fries or chips.

• If you are going to a warm climate, wear sunglasses and sunscreen with at least SPF 15. Apply sunscreen repeatedly if you will be swimming or participating in physical activity.

• Pack healthy snacks, such as granola bars or trail mix, for your trip so you will not be tempted to purchase high-calorie treats to curb hunger.

• Make time for fitness on your vacation. Walk to your destinations, and incorporate physical activities into your plans.

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