What makes AVID different, and WHY you SHOULD care.

April 10, 2019 | by

“I always regard real estate agents, used car salesman & insurance agents as sort of an unholy trinity” – Brendan Cafferty

Have you ever thought this? If so, you are not alone. Just search Twitter for posts about insurance agents. You’ll find it is probably more negative comments than positive. But how does the stereotype match up to reality? Is the goal of every insurance agent to get you paying more and get less?

Who you work with Matters

I’ve been an agent and risk manager for well over a decade and I’ve spent ALL of it informing clients and breaking down barriers. The most common feedback I receive from clients is “I’ve never had this explained to me so clearly.” That is the best compliment an insurance professional can receive and what I bring to each of my clients whether a large multi-location franchise or a start-up non-profit. Align yourself with an agent and agency who ASKS a lot of questions. In a time where we all want push a button for results there are still some things that need a deeper look.

One good example of this is self-quoting auto insurance online. A person who goes online is selecting their liability coverage levels from a list. They are not getting the insight on how bodily injury liability pays. Medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of life all add up. They may not realize the difference between a $25,000 and $1,000,000 coverage level could be the difference of $10 a month. This is ESSENTIAL risk management and you want a partner who cares more about covering your gaps than a quick buck. You need someone that is willing to be direct with you when you aren’t carrying the protection you need.

Ethical Responsibility

It is an ethical duty to present a business with their risks. This is not an ‘upsell’. Every client is in control of their risk management plan – you can choose to keep your risk or ‘avoid’ it by means of insurance. But, what if no one ever let you know you had an exposure to begin with?

This is where the perception that ‘insurance companies don’t pay’ comes from. Yes, insurance companies DO pay but you need the right protection and that means having the right agent on your team. AVID Risk focuses on self-development as a TEAM. We each feel deeply our ethical responsibility to understand our specialties and create informed partnerships with our clients. My personal passion is not-for-profit & social service organizations. I love being a part of a greater vision in mission driven organizations or enabling people to leave the corporate grind and follow their dreams. Each social service organization is unique as a fingerprint so I am impelled to be a student of the industry and a life long learner.

Is that a different feeling than you’ve gotten from your current agency? Then call me at 608.827.4525 or email at lydia.powell@avidrisk.com



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